Our clients have responded:

  1. “You maintain a senior presence on the ground – the partner who was present in the pitch was involved day-to-day.”
  2. “I cannot build the same momentum using internal staff – whether it is fair or not, an outside resource gains attention and provides the drive.”
  3. “You presented the best understanding of my industry and business that I have seen demonstrated by a consultant – equal and better than that of some of my top team.”
  4. “I have not seen anybody with a better approach to incorporating uncertainty into analysis than Global Advisors. As a board member, I can tell you have taken us to a higher level of debate and that we could not have accomplished this internally.”
  5. “Look at your legacy – it has been years since you left after implementation on this project: the team you built is still in place and delivering excellent results.”
  6. “Your commitment has been legendary – you care about the result and set the benchmark in terms of effort.”
  7. “You have provided innovative ways of thinking and thorough research. Where do you get all your information? We don’t see this type of material internally.”
  8. “We have got internal resources who could have run with this project – but the right people are too tied up and nobody has done anything despite recognising the issue’s importance for the last two years.”
  9. “You are well regarded by our board members – they recognise your independence and place emphasis on your opinion.”
  10. “Your people are top quality – equal to our best – yet humble. Our team enjoys working with them and has learnt a lot from the experience.”
  11. “We considered using one of the global big 3 strategy firms and worried about their fit with our culture. There have been no issues working with you – you have worked incredibly well with our team.”
  12. “You have covered unbelievable ground in 7 weeks. Our board remarked that we should have engaged you prior to previous investments. This is the best money we have ever spent.”
  13. “You have assisted me in being able to enjoy the mobilisation stage that we enter in to now and this is both exciting and rewarding – thank you for your professionalism and drive to get here.”
  14. “The Global Advisors team professionalism is exemplary and you have channeled your functional expertise to areas that require focus. You have provided me with a ‘rich’ picture of opportunity and we have gained traction in various streams and we know what needs to be done. I am extremely pleased with the work done in all streams and your going the extra mile.”
  15. “All the quotes in your corporate brochure are true!”