Our partners and network experts remain engaged with clients and project teams from relationship development through to delivery. They spend time on project site involved in the day-to-day project delivery. This ensures clients receive high quality, relevant outputs.

Global Advisors takes an unashamedly mathematically and financially intensive approach to its work. Our consultants have economic, financial, mathematics and statistics training at postgraduate level.

We have developed a strategy formulation approach that statistically accounts for uncertainty and incorporates this in strategy evaluation and planning. To do this, we make use of probability modelling, Monte Carlo simulation and scenario development techniques. We account for variation through financial and non-financial risk estimation and produce a thorough analysis of possible strategic and financial outcomes. Our recommendations include analysis of extremes and contingency plans to deal with these.

Despite our analytically intensive process, we believe that delivery is rooted in people, operations and systems. We work with client teams in formulating our analysis and recommendations and employ multi-disciplinary teams to ensure implementation is successful. Our approach addresses the rational, emotional and political spheres to ensure strategies are compelling and realistic.

Ultimately our differentiation is embedded in our people and our values. Clients engage us based on mutual trust and respect. Our consultants must extend this trust and respect to our client staff at every level. Implementing our recommendations while building lasting relationships is the ultimate test of our impact and relevance.