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Thank you for taking the time to enquire about us. I hope this brochure will give you some insight into our firm and answer some of the questions you might have.

I started Global Advisors in 2006 after leaving Gemini Consulting. My consulting career had been an amazing journey thanks to Gemini, my fantastic colleagues and the clients we were privileged to serve. I took some time off and thought about whether my future lay in consulting and if so with which firm. After much contemplation, I decided that I would try to build a firm that had the best of what I had experienced and seen in the global strategy consulting industry. Further, I wanted to leverage my experience in building a unique approach to strategy formulation and implementation in the face of increasing levels of uncertainty.

Those were lofty goals. I had no set time limits – only an uncompromising determination to build something worth the effort and that would attract the best team and clients possible. It has been quite a journey! I believe we’re well on the way to delivering what I hoped we might. This is evidenced by our amazing team members and clients. We received a great boost with the addition of my partner Donnée MacDougall in 2013. Donnée joined us after building a stellar track record in the consulting and then the fast moving consumer goods industry, latterly as managing director of Entyce Beverages (part of the AVI group).

We’re a boutique firm with some high aspirations. Which brings me to our name – a big name for a small firm! I chose “Global Advisors” as a stake in the ground. It needed to communicate our aspiration, relevance and be truthful to our delivery capability. I was determined that we set globally relevant benchmarks. If this was not to be the case, then I would rather join an existing firm with international reach and perform internationally relevant work. We’re based in Johannesburg and have delivered work in South Africa, Europe and North America. We have leveraged a network of international associates. And we believe our work has continued to set a world-class standard.

I hope you find some of the evidence in these pages that we’re delivering on our vision – being our clients’ preferred partner within our niche. Meeting for coffee and a discussion of your strategic issues will demonstrate our applied thinking and quality of our team – an opportunity we always welcome.

Marc Wilson
Managing Partner

Thank you for your interest in Global Advisors.

We hope you’ll enjoy our story so far.

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