Global Advisors runs a 4-to-6 week internship program over the June and July period of each year. The internships are aimed at university students in their third or fourth year of study and are timed to coincide with students’ mid-year break.

During the internship, interns are given real deliverables to complete with assistance and under guidance of more senior team members. Interns are office-based at Global Advisors.

Global Advisors interns are treated as full team members and work with the same privileges, expectations and pressures as our consulting staff.

The purpose of the Global Advisors internship is three-fold:

  1. To give candidates the opportunity to understand more about strategy consulting through practical experience.
  2. To give candidates the opportunity to understand more about Global Advisors and evaluate us a potential employer.
  3. To give Global Advisors an opportunity to evaluate high-potential candidates as future employees.

All potential interns must apply using the standard application process on our website. Successful applications will then advance to our interview process as they would if interviewing for a permanent position. Applications for internships close by the 15th April of the same year.

Global Advisors invests a substantial effort in our internship program. We will only consider applicants who show potential as future full-time employees. Please note that very few internship positions are available and we will only accept the best candidates.